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Welcome to 420Sixty Online Canadian Dispensary and One Hour Cannabis Delivery Service



You can now buy Cannabis online Canada… grower direct premium BC BUD @420Sixty!


All 420Sixty select cannabis products are certified Island Grown on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, the home of BC BUD! All products at 420Sixty test within the top 85th percentile of all tested cannabis and cannabis related products at High North Labs. Be assured that when you purchase cannabis products online from 420Sixty you will be receiving the highest grade BC BUD medical cannabis available!


Our exclusive Herb2Curb express cannabis delivery is Canada’s first online one hour cannabis delivery service. Currently we are beta testing the Herb2Curb express cannabis delivery platform in the metro Toronto and surrounding areas and will be expanding rapidly into other major markets Canada wide by early spring 2018.


In addition to Herb2Curb express, 420Sixty also offers our traditional mail order service for those wishing to purchase cannabis online in Canada and receive goods in the mail via Canada Post Express Post.


Anxiety Relief and CBD Oil

Anxiety relief cbd oil... Do you suffer from the sometimes debilitating issue of anxiety? Whether you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or struggle through it with no medical assistance, there is hope. If you are someone who would prefer to avoid the...

Effects Cannabis Has on MS and ALS

One of the most traumatizing life events we may ever come across is learning that a chronic illness lives inside of us. It should come as no surprise that when people find themselves in this situation, the vulnerability they feel can cause them to hang on to every...

Cannabis Edibles and Marijuana Myths

Cannabis Edibles Many myths surround the consumption of cannabis and cannabis edibles. However, not all of them apply to fit and healthy marijuana users. Here are a few myths you can safely ignore if you’re in good shape and regularly hit the gym. 1. Cannabis Munchies...

Good people DO smoke cannabis

How often have you heard that cannabis is a gateway drug or that it will destroy your life? Probably many times. The government wants you to believe that cannabis leads to the misuse/abuse of other illicit substances. However, scientific studies have shown that...

Online Cannabis Dispensaries

With the complicated legal landscape surrounding marijuana, online cannabis dispensaries are in a difficult situation. One challenge - new customers who may not know what exactly they are looking for or what the risks are. A new recreational customer may not...

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