How Long Do Edibles Last? – A Beginner’s Guide

Edible forms of cannabis are a popular way to get the effects and benefits of weed without lighting up. While cannabis edibles take longer to kick in, the high can last much longer than smoking weed, which begs the question- ‘How long do edibles last?’ You’ll find the answer in this article, but first, let’s […]

How to Smoke Hash

Smoking weed usually attracts all the attention and acclaim in the cannabis realm, but recently, new cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, and live resin have stepped into the spotlight. While exciting, this means that other tried-and-true ways of enjoying cannabis, such as hash, are being overshadowed. After all, you can find many new articles on […]

CBD for Anxiety: How It Can Help You

Every day, millions of Canadians suffer from anxiety symptoms like rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, and panic. For years, doctors have prescribed medications to lessen these symptoms, but many Canadians are now turning to CBD for anxiety as a more natural, effective, and affordable option. Recently discovered to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, CBD is […]

How Much is an Ounce of Weed

If you’re new to the world of weed, knowing how to purchase an appropriate amount can be challenging. Cannabis measurements are something of a numbers game. Whether you want to buy enough for a single joint or enough to last the whole week, you’ll need to know how cannabis measurements break down. In this article, […]

CBD and THC: Differences and Benefits

CBD products come in a wide variety, from tinctures and salves to capsules and gummies. But if you’re curious about the health benefits of this substance or medical marijuana in general, you might be confused about the differences between CBD vs. THC. Both of these compounds are mentioned with cannabis, but they’re very different. While […]

How Do You Trim Cannabis?

Learn How To Trim Cannabis at! At 420sixty we cover the basics of wet trimming, dry trimming and the best way to trim cannabis.

Harvesting time has come! For many people who grow cannabis at the comfort of their home, one of the essential parts of the growing is trimming. While many people neglect that trimming plays a considerable role in cannabis development and general freshness and quality of it. But, trimming isn’t just taking regular scissors and cutting […]

What Is Curing Cannabis?

What is Curing Cananbis? How do you do it? Is curing Cannabis Important? We tackle all these questions and more @!

One may think that cannabis growth is similar to growing any other plant in your backyard. But, the more they investigate the subject, the more they realize that cannabis growth has its own set of rules and procedures. They make the whole process of growing that much more complicated and thus, you can’t say that […]

Top Ten “Sweet” and “Spooky” Strains For Halloween

Top Ten “Sweet” and “Spooky” Strains For Halloween Halloween is the favourite time of the year for many people and if you’re a weed lover, then getting your hands onto something a bit “spooky” for that special day is a cherry on the top. In this article, we’ll see what some of the best strains […]