Can Cannabis Treat Depression & Anxiety?

Can Cannabis Treat Depression & Anxiety?

We’ve all been there. You’re feeling down, that golfers elbow you got in your basketball peak at age 14 is acting up or, and we’re going to switch to the serious lane real quick here, your depression and anxiety are getting the best of you. You want relief, to let off some steam if you will. But can cannabis treat depression or anxiety? Let’s find out.

Medical Benefits Of Cannabis Consumption

A five-minute Google search can tell you all about the greatest, sent from God, life-saving qualities of the ol’ green accomplice called marijuana. The physical benefits alone are enough to fill this whole article.
Got chronic pain? It can give you relief.

Are you a smoker? Well, some studies are now showing that smoking cannabis can improve your lung capacity (there’s always those damn studies to get you hooked!). Got a diabetes problem in your family and want something to help try and prevent it? Again, another darn study to give points to the devil’s grass! Oh, and the things it can do to help fight and prevent cancer? We’re not even going to get started on that we don’t have the time. The benefit to your body is a topic you can research for days, and at the end of every day, you’ll be sitting in front of your computer thinking, yes, YES! That’s the solution!
But is it? Let’s find out.

Research on cannabis and depression/anxiety

This is a serious topic. Anyone who tells you that weed saved them from a severe mental problem, probably isn’t a doctor, and you probably shouldn’t take advice from them. Every person is different. You shouldn’t start any sort of medication on the information of that guy you know, heck not even your closest friend. See a professional that can listen to you, make a decision based on knowledge, and tell you if they think cannabis can help you.

A lot of research has been done on the topic. Cannabis has shown to be effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety, but as with all narcotics, more research is needed. In comparison with, say, antidepressants, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is proven to take people to levels further than depression and anxiety. Not only that, but THC also takes a lot less time to start working. While the usual medication used in these treatments takes about two weeks actually to start working, cannabis does it pretty much right away. With that said, don’t think that these other medications are harmful and can’t help you.

If your illness has taken hold of you so much that you don’t see a way out, any of these options can get you off the edge. And that’s the point if you’re at the bottom of your problems, up enough to get working on therapy and make long-term effects.

Risks and warnings for young adultsDiscover If Cannabis Can Treat Depression and Anxiety. 420Sixty Tackles myths and truths about cannabis in our series 420 in Sixty Seconds. Check it out!

While we have all this research giving you the positive effects of the drug, there are, as always, adverse side effects. Using cannabis while suffering from depression anxiety can help provide relief. It can also have an effect called “amotivational syndrome”. It’s kind of a ying-yang thing. While you do get to feel joy, excitement etc. you also lose the motivation to work and be a functional member of society. Not only that, if you are a young adult, a teenage girl especially, using it can lead to depression and anxiety later in life (this is more likely for girls, but you can be sure that adolescent boys can be just as affected). Not only THAT, but people who use cannabis are also actually more likely to get diagnosed with depression.

Discover If Cannabis Can Treat Depression and Anxiety. 420Sixty Tackles myths and truths about cannabis in our series 420 in Sixty Seconds. Check it out!Enough of this, tit for tat, danger after danger, let’s list out the pros and cons:

Amotivational syndrome –
We touched upon this a minute ago, and it sounds kind of strange. Heck depression comes with the same effect, but cannabis can give you other good ones with this problem at the same time so that it could be worth it, but it is a solemn thought that needs to be entertained.

Psychiatric Disorders (research show that people with predispositions to some disorders are more likely to develop them, but no direct relationship has been found)
Dependence – hold on we need a separate part for this.


That’s better. Some of you are saying, and we know you are: “you can’t get hooked on it, man”. You can. While there is no physical dependence, the psychological one is sometimes too big for some people. It’s a coping drug, and as such, it can be rather hard to get off it once you want to move on. If we told you that 30% of people that consume cannabis would get addicted to it, you probably would think twice about using it as your medication. Getting yourself to quit something that makes the day more bearable is a lot harder than you think. And it sounds hard as is.

Bottom line: be responsible and of age

A drug, a drug. You would be crazy to think it’s the most relaxing drug of them all, just because your older brother’s friend told you it is. Be careful, if you’re dealing with problems like depression or anxiety, or any other for that matter, consult a doctor. Talk to your friends and family if that’s an option. Seek help first. Always. Stay safe, think about all of the options and don’t worry, you’ll be fine sooner or later.