Cannabis And Better Sex: Fact Or Fiction

Cannabis And Better Sex: Fact Or Fiction

Cannabis and sex appear to be complementary according to a percentage of cannabis consumers. There isn’t enough scientific proof to simply claim that cannabis boosts stamina and sexual desire. On the other hand, limited research does support the theory that marijuana causes higher sexual abilities and greater sexual confidence. This leaves society quite confused since one part of scientists biasedly rejects the positive effects of marijuana, considering sex. In contrast, the other part of the scientific community seems to lack evidence in supporting this claim.

History of marijuana and sex

Marijuana consumption has been present and somewhat developed for centuries, if not thousands of years ago. A variety of nations and cultures throughout history explored the potential of many plants on the erotic side of love, including haoma, ephedra drinks, and cannabis drinks. As said before, a large part of the community denies marijuana’s positive effects making it hard to form a valid opinion. Those claiming that marijuana is a modern trend and a hipster thing are unarguably wrong since cannabis consumption has been present forever. India, China, Sumeria, Ancient Rome, and all highly developed countries and civilizations knew about these plants’ magical side back before christ in the old era.

When talking about India and marijuana, we must mention tantric sex- a 5000 years old sexual practice. Tantric sex seems to get along with cannabis very well since marijuana is considered sacred here and used for centuries in rituals like weddings and various self connecting ceremonies. Indians also believe that marijuana defies impotence, intensifies lubrication, and lengthens sex itself while producing more stable erections alongside lowered anxiety and looser ground.


Ancient Medicine: Sex and Cannabis

The Chinese are widely known for opium. This drug was considered a medicament at some point. However, as centuries went, and scientists began realizing how dangerous and destructive opium is, marijuana’s influence became primal since this plant is not considered hazardous. In fact, at this time, China began exploiting marijuana as a medicament, sexual heightener, and considerable appetite improvement. Later on, China changed its structure and settled for a conservative government which banned all psychoactive substances, including cannabis.

The list of countries that explored and used marijuana goes on and on leading to specific questions regarding marijuana’s rich and long history- Does marijuana affect sex or not? How does it influence it? The saying ” Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” appears to fit in here perfectly. We have to highlight that all significant cultures considered marijuana’s influence on sex-positive, supporting those who believe that cannabis is beneficial for your sex life.

Research on higher sex drive and relaxation regarding cannabis

Marijuana was a highly controversial plant. Until recently, it was globally banned. Now in the 21 st century, people seem to be looking at this plant from another angle. Countries like Spain and the US legalized cannabis. At the same time, most highly developed nations like Switzerland and Austria decriminalized it- valuable proof considering the positive effects of marijuana.

In contrast to alcohol and other known stimulants, marijuana was never prioritized when it comes to studies and experimental research. We can safely say that things are getting a better turn (following legalization and decriminalization of this “sacred” plant) because marijuana has finally reached the scientific community’s long-awaited attention. Recent studies that included around 300 participants and held by Ph.D. individuals from the National Institutes of Health US concluded that marijuana improves sexual orgasmic pleasure and desire and causes anxiety relief, especially in women.

Cannabis VS Erectile and female sexual dysfunction

Shared knowledge and various studies show that a significant percentage of women have a hard time relaxing when it comes to sex. Stress, undealt traumas, and bad experiences cause a lot of tension and anxiety in women, making it impossible for them to enjoy these intimate moments. Couples say that lack of sex leads to depression and relationship problems since partners may feel guilty, incapable, and inevitably lose sexual confidence making it even harder to connect. Relationship experts support the belief that sex starts in our brains.

A valid connection, eye contact, relaxation, and trust are fundaments for having a meaningful erotic night. Those who find it hard to relax and let go should try bringing something new into the relationship. According to 61% of females and 52% of males, marijuana helps with both female and male sexual anxiety. It successfully prevents erectile dysfunction since 80% of participants concluded that their senses were heightened, making it easier for them to commit.


It is not simple to differentiate fact and fiction, especially in such sensitive subjects like sex and marijuana, since there will always be contrary opinions. According to recent research and individual experiences, it is safe to say that marijuana has a positive influence on sexual performance. Women report that marijuana consumption reduces anxiety and helps them relax easier. At the same time, men notice higher sexual durability and increased stamina. Cannabis may enhance your libido and provide a more intense orgasm, prevent anxiety, and erectile dysfunction while creating a better connection with your partner.