Cannabis Edibles and Marijuana Myths

Cannabis Edibles and Marijuana Myths

Many myths surround the consumption of cannabis and cannabis edibles. However, not all of them apply to fit and healthy marijuana users. Here are a few myths you can safely ignore if you’re in good shape and regularly hit the gym.

1. Cannabis Munchies Ruin Your Diet

Studies show that cannabis promotes hunger, but that doesn’t mean you are doomed to binge away your progress every time you use the drug. Choosing a cannabis strain that is CBD dominant can help to reduce the food cravings commonly associated with marijuana usage. According to nutritionists, athletes often make better eating decisions than other people under the effects of cannabis. Once you’ve become hooked on fitness, it seems even getting high can’t take away your drive.

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Cannabis Extract Infused Chocolate

2. Cannabis Has No Benefits for Healthy People

Scientists have found a huge range of medical uses for marijuana. However, it’s wrong to assume cannabis only holds benefits for people who are sick. CBD can help you relax after exercise and could even reduce muscle spasms and pain. Many athletes have high levels of adrenaline, which is great news when you are pushing yourself hard in the gym but not so good when you are trying to relax and enjoy your rest day.

3. Cannabis Enhances Athletic Performance

Some athletes believe that THC will improve their athletic performance. However, studies don’t support this myth. Cannabis won’t help you lift heavier or improve your stamina, although CBD-dominant strains of cannabis and CBD oil might help you relax and enjoy your rest days.

4. Smoking Cannabis Poses No Risks to Health

Research suggests that cannabis doesn’t pose lung cancer risks like cigarettes do. However, inhaling smoke of any kind can irritate your lungs, increasing the risk of chronic bronchitis. If you decide to use cannabis, protect your lung health by vaporizing it instead of smoking. Cannabis Edibles are another option, but be careful if you decide to indulge this way, it can be difficult to control the dose. A safer way to get the benefits of cannabis is to use full spectrum CBD/THC which has been extracted from the plant and made into various products like THC Capsules and cannabis infused topicals and tinctures.

5.Driving Stoned is Better than Driving Drunk

Driving under the influence of any mind-altering substance has the potential to impair your driving skills and can lead to life-threatening situations. As it’s different from person to person, it’s impossible to say to what degree driving while high is better or worse than driving drunk. However, both circumstances have stiff penalties and deadly consequences.

Operating a vehicle while high on cannabis is a criminal offence. Driving laws have been in place for a long time, but the federal government updated these laws recently. In June 2018, Bill C-46 was passed. This bill added federal laws and penalties to the Criminal Code of Canada surrounding driving while impaired. Provinces and territories have introduced new, varying laws related to cannabis and driving to complement the federal laws.