How to Smoke Hash

Smoking weed usually attracts all the attention and acclaim in the cannabis realm, but recently, new cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, and live resin have stepped into the spotlight. While exciting, this means that other tried-and-true ways of enjoying cannabis, such as hash, are being overshadowed. After all, you can find many new articles on how to dab concentrates, but many people don’t know how to smoke hash, and that’s a shame.

All of these cannabis products can imbue users with a sense of relaxation and euphoria, despite coming in very different forms. If you find yourself with some hash on hand, here are the best ways to smoke hash.

What’s Your Preference?

Hash, also known as hashish, is derived from the soft and malleable resin or ‘kief’ of the cannabis plant.

Hash varies in colour, from golden to brown or black, and it can be used in many ways, like baking, cooking, and of course, smoking.

There’s no singular best way to smoke hash. The optimal method will depend on your preferences and tastes. If you prefer the old-school approach of rolling joints, it doesn’t make sense to do a complete 180 and start vaping hash. The same applies to dabbling with water bongs when you want a discreet smoking experience.

Smoking Hash in a Pipe or Bong

You’ll find many ways to smoke hash, though none are more manageable than using a hash pipe or bong. These devices make smoking straightforward, no matter whether you’re lighting up for the first or fiftieth time. Each has a collection bowl that you ignite, and then you use the mouthpiece or hose to inhale the smoke.

Many people use pipes because they’re more convenient and discreet than other options on this list. Both are easy to carry and affordable, regardless of your budget. Note that your experience will depend on whether you use a dry or water-based device.

Bongs aren’t as discreet as pipes, and they’re not as portable either, but they’re very popular, especially if you do a lot of smoking at home.

One of the reasons is because of a bong’s water chamber. When you fill it with water, it cools the smoke before it enters your lungs. The result is a smoother hit and causes you significantly less hacking and wheezing.

If you want to smoke hash the old-fashioned way, dry pipes are the route to take. The simple pipe design provides an intuitive and authentic smoking experience.

How to smoke hash in a pipe or bong

If you can’t make up your mind, here’s how to smoke hash in a pipe and bong:

  1. Pack the chamber or the insert screen. Place a thin layer of flower in the bowl or on the metal screen. Make sure that your screen works specifically for smoking. These two steps guarantee that your hash will burn uniformly instead of crumbling into small pieces and falling through the screen.
  2. Add your hash. Put a little bit of hashish on top of the flower or screen.
  3. Smoke it. Light your pipe or bong. You may need some extra firepower if your hash doesn’t ignite immediately

how to smoke hash

Hash in a Joint

Joints, blunts, wraps, and spliffs all achieve the same goal—they provide a convenient and low-key way to smoke hash without drawing attention to yourself. The difference between them lies primarily in their appearance and what’s in them.


A joint is usually rolled in white cigarette paper like a Zig Zag, and it’s the standard, iconic ‘cannabis cigarette’.


A blunt is a hollowed-out cigar that is filled with cannabis. Although the blunt itself may or may not contain tobacco, the brown cigar paper is made from a tobacco leaf, so you’re getting a bit of nicotine either way.

‘Blunts’ and ‘wraps’ are synonymous, and sometimes you’ll even hear them called ‘blunt wraps’. Blunts are much bigger than joints, contain a lot more weed, and therefore last much longer.


Spliffs pull double duty and mix tobacco and weed, although they usually look very similar to joints, and are often rolled with the same papers.

How to roll hash in a joint

A hash joint is arguably the best way to smoke hash. All you need are rolling papers, a lighter, some weed, and hashish. From there, you’re four steps away from smoking hash for the first time.

  1. Create a foundation. Start with a layer of flower on the bottom of your rolling paper. It combines with the hash for a better burn.
  2. Add your hash. Add hash on top of the flower. You can shape the hashish into a narrow cylinder by rolling it in your hands like Play-Doh and place it on top, too.
  3. Roll up the joint. Add a little more flower and roll the joint.
  4. Smoke it. Light the joint and take a puff. If you’ve never smoked hash before, you may get higher than usual.

how to smoke hash

Vaping Hash

Have you ever wondered, “Can you vape hash?” The answer is yes. The key is finding a suitable vaporizer that can specifically handle hashish. We personally recommend the Culture Disposable Vape Pen for the perfect combination of purity and potency.

Picking the proper vaporizer is only half the battle. You will need your hash to melt well. If it doesn’t, you’ll have a laundry list of problems. Of course, the only way to determine if your hashish melts well is to light it and see.

How to vape hash

  1. Place your hash in the chamber
  2. Set your preferred temperature if your vape has temperature control. We recommend something in the neighbourhood of 175 to 230 degrees Celsius.
  3. Light up your vaporizer
  4. Inhale

If it doesn’t ignite, you might want to turn your hash into rosin.

How to make rosin

Squeeze the remaining hash between two pieces of wax paper. Put the mass in a hot hair straightener or under an iron until the heat and pressure transform the hashish into rosin. The byproduct is much better for vaping and dabbing hash.

  • Tip: Not all vaporizers can handle concentrates. If you have them, make sure to buy a concentrate adaptor. Remove the flower chamber, insert the adaptor, and follow the steps as usual.

Can You Dab Hash?

If you have made it this far, the odds are you’ve also wondered, “Can you dab hash?” The answer again is yes. As long as you can melt the hash, you have a green light to dab it.

Here’s what you’ll need to dab hash: a dab rig, carb cap, hash, and torch lighter.

How to dab hash

Many of the steps for vaping hash apply here.

  1. Check that you have enough water in the chamber and a torch on hand
  2. Heat the nail to 175 to 230 degrees Celsius for the best results
  3. When the nail reaches the optimal temperature, use a dabber to move the hashish to the banger, or nail
  4. Place the carb cap on top of the banger and establish a firm seal
  5. Take a nice, long draw through the mouthpiece
  6. Remove the carb cap
  7. Inhale the hash
  8. Enjoy!

how to smoke hash

Smoking Hash FAQ

What is the hot knives method?

There is old-school, and then there is old-old-school. Smoking hash with hot knives falls into the latter category. We don’t recommend this option, but it’s good to know as a last resort.

If you want to use this method safely, here is how to do it.

  1. Create a mouthpiece. Slice a plastic water bottle in two, crosswise. Keep the upper half and throw away the bottom and bottle cap.
  2. Heat your knives. Find two metal knives. Place the tip on a lit stovetop or heat them with a torch. As long as the ends are glowing red, you’ve done your job.
  3. Apply your hash. Let the knives cool for a few seconds. Hold the upper half of the plastic bottle over the knives while putting a small amount of hash onto the blades. Press the ends of the knives together.
  4. Inhale the smoke. Once you compress the hash, it should start smoking. Use the plastic bottle top to inhale the smoke.

What’s the difference between weed and hash?

Weed comes from dried cannabis flowers. Hash is a resin from the flower that is pressed together to form a block. Both are cannabis products, though hash tends to have a higher potency and concentration.

One of the primary differences between weed and hash is the level of THC. Flower typically has 10% to 30% THC, while hash can be as high as 60%. Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis, and the elevated THC levels mean you will need less hashish to have a psychoactive experience.

Why isn’t hash more popular?

Smokers have more choice than ever before when it comes to what and how they smoke. While hash has many loyal users across Asia and Europe, it’s not as popular in Canada and the United States.

That’s too bad, as hash is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates, dating back hundreds of years.

But with so many new kinds of super-potent concentrates available these days- from live resin to shatter and wax- hash has been overshadowed and fallen to the wayside.

Availability is another issue as hash has even gotten harder to find, with many dispensaries dropping it in favour of other concentrates.

Luckily, we have a great selection of hash, so you can still try this cannabis classic.

Are there any wrongs ways to smoke hashish?

We wouldn’t call these following methods wrong. We would call them “less than ideal.” These options aren’t as safe as the ones listed above, so consider these a last resort.

One option is to make a small bowl out of aluminum or tin foil. Place your flower in the center and heat the bottom with your lighter. You can inhale the vapours with a straw or the top half of a plastic bottle.

You can also make a DIY bong out of a plastic bottle. (Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!) Take off the top and replace it with perforated aluminum or tin foil. Place a lit cigarette in the plastic bottle’s side and make two holes on the opposing end.

Put a small bit of hash on the aluminum. Heat it with a lighter until it reaches the ideal temperature. Use your fingers to pull one hole and suck the air out of the other. Release your finger and inhale a deep dose of hashish.