Kronic Klouds specialize in creating only top quality concentrates to connoisseurs all over Canada. Located in Vancouver BC, Kronic Klouds sources form a group of cultivators that only uses premium flower during the extraction process which exceeds all expectations.

high-cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE) is a hash oil concentrate that prohibits exceptional flavors and aromas, creating a complex combination that titillates all the senses. Those who create high-cannabinoid full spectrum extracts work to achieve a product that retains all of the taste and strength of the plant. The completed product will contain high cannabinoid levels, and exceptional terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols. High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract is a top-shelf product that is favored by true cannabis connoisseurs. It usually appears in a crystallized form. The terpene profile of the product often exceeds 20 per cent.

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