Budget buds features our best deals on flower, with exceptional savings and some of the lowest prices in Canada. If you don’t care about the fancy stuff and just want an amazing deal on some great weed, Budget Buds is for you.The quality selection of affordable flower is perfect for making edibles or stocking up your reserves, and makes weed accessible to everyone without breaking the bank.

Whether you like indicas, sativas, or hybrids, have a look at our selection of Budget Buds and save big on some great strains today.

We understand that there are times when paying top dollar for your medication is tough, and that’s why we offer up these amazing deals whenever we can.

We personally test each strain and batch of cannabis flower to ensure you’re getting the best bud for the best price.

Make sure to check out our Small Nugs discount as well. While lacking in bag appeal, they make up for it in taste and smell, and are practically indistinguishable from our regularly priced flower when ground up.

At 420sixty, ordering budget buds online is secure, fast, and easy. Each order is express shipped right to your doorstep in discreet packaging that perfectly blends in with all of your other mail.

When you shop with us, you are ordering from professionals whose love of weed drives them to go above and beyond, and that’s why we’re offering some of the best prices in Canada.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Guide to Our Budget Buds

Not sure what kind of flower is best for you? Let us help.


  • Produces a head-high effect
  • Boosts energy and increases alertness
  • Increases creativity and inspiration
  • Recommended for daytime use


  • Produces a body-high effect
  • Helps to increase appetite, reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Has been known to reduce muscle pains
  • Recommended for nighttime use


  • Composed of varying amounts of THC and CBD depending on the strain
  • Produces a more balanced high
  • Great choice for beginners
  • Great choice for medicinal users who want to remain productive
  • Can be used at all times of day

Why Shop with Us

  • Quality assurance guarantee
  • Extensive selection of flower
  • Secure payment options
  • Fast shipping
  • Weekly specials

Browse through our extensive flower collection and feel confident in choosing 420sixty as your premier cannabis provider.

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