There’s nothing like having that perfect weed accessory that elevates your session to the next level, but you also have to make sure you’re covering the basics as well.

Whether it’s something you need like a grinder or rolling papers; a nice-to-have like a rolling tray or pipe;  or a conversation starter like this glass blunt; the vast variety of accessories on our menu means there’s something for everyone.

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Guide to Accessories

New to cannabis accessories? Let us help with this list of cannabis kit essentials:

1. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are one of the most important weed accessories. If you’re the type who loves smoking joints, rolling papers are second only to a lighter.

It’s always nice to have an emergency stash of papers with you, whether they’re in your bag, wallet, or purse.

Make sure to store them in a  dry place. Don’t store in your pocket as they can get misshapen or wet (from either rain or sweat) which can ruin the glue or make them all stick together in an annoying clump.

Also, make sure to have joint filters, too. These will keep the ends of your joint from getting all gummed up and make it easier to hold down to the roach.

2. Grinder

Grinders make rolling a joint so much easier by grinding up the buds of your weed into smaller bits to pack your bowl and roll a joint.

A grinder is much faster than breaking your weed up with your fingers and you won’t have to worry about getting any residue under your nails.

You can collect the kief in your grinder and press it into hash, or add it to your bowl or joint for a stronger kick.

3. Glass Cleaner

If you use a glass bong or pipe, you’ll want to wash it out every once in a while. Residue can build up in the chamber and bowl and even restrict airflow if it gets bad enough.

These glass cleaners  will help keep your bong and pipe fresh and ready to use.

4. Stash Jar

You want to make sure your flower stays fresh as long as possible, and we recommend storing your weed in an airtight glass jar.

Another reason to store your flower in a glass jar is it will hold the odour of weed in better than a ziploc bag.

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