Live Resin

Live Resin is a concentrate that retains the flavour and terpene profile of the original flower it was harvested from.
What differentiates live resin from other products?
Typical curing and extraction processes have devastating effects on the terpenes and often times can completely destroy them. What you’re left with is a flavourless and bland concentrate that’s completely devoid of what makes each strain unique. But by freezing the plant immediately after harvest and keeping it at sub-zero temperatures throughout the extraction process, the terpenes are left intact and untouched. This creates a concentrate that retains the original scent and flavour profile from the plant. This gives the smoker the same unique smoking experience that you’d get from smoking the original bud. 420sixty is your spot for live resin for sale in Canada. All the brands we carry are of the highest quality so take a look and try some out!

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