Live resin is a cannabis extract renowned for its quality and flavours- in fact, it’s one of the most flavourful concentrates on the market because it retains all of the terpenes that are usually lost during the drying and curing process.

One of the hallmarks of quality live resin is that it should smell exactly like the live plant it was extracted from.

Diamonds, on the other hand, are crystalline structures of THCA and are considered one of the purest and strongest extracts available. Some diamonds are labelled as HCFSE, which stands for “high cannabinoid full spectrum extract” and means that in addition to its high cannabinoid content, it also contains some of the original terpenes as well.

Live resin is the perfect extract for those who prize the terpenes and flavours of cannabis as each live resin is unique to the plant from which it was harvested, to the point where if you know your cannabis, you might even be able to tell which strain the live resin came from by smell alone.

When making live resin, fresh cannabis plants are flash frozen to preserve the terpenes, and the extraction process is conducted at sub-zero temperatures to ensure that the terpenes aren’t damaged or affected in any way.

Diamonds can form naturally in terpene-heavy sauce extracts, as the solid THCA crystals separate from the more liquid terpenes, but they can also be made via processing live resin further to isolate the THCA.

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Guide to Live Resin:

  • Made with fresh cannabis that has not been dried or cured
  • Live resin extraction involves flash freezing the cannabis and processing it at sub zero temperatures
  • Retains the terpene profile for unparalleled flavour and aroma
  • Most commonly dabbed but can be vaped or added to a bowl or joint

Guide to Diamonds:

  • Crystalline structures of THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)
  • Forms naturally in terpene-heavy sauce but can also be extracted from other extracts like live resin
  • Diamonds range in size from almost powder-like to bigger, solid chunks
  • Very potent and up to 99% pure THCA
  • Little to no taste or odour

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