Cannacure – Shatter


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Cannacure – Shatter

Contains: 1 Gram.

Cannabis is only as good as the time you invest in curing it. You can have amazing quality flower but if you don’t put the love and attention to detail that is needed in the curing process you will have a mediocre product at best. Cannacure was created through our passion for great cannabis, for great people.


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Harmony, Stardawg, Purple Princess, Satori, Presidential OG, Master Kush, Pink Bubba, Burmese Kush, Berry OG, Platinum OG, Lemon Kush, Chem Wreck, Octane, Death Bubba, MK Ultra, Lemon OG, Purple OG, Emerald OG, Cactus Candy, Tuna Kush, Jupiter OG, L.A. Confidential, Rockstar


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