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LMFAO taffy is a very unique new dabable product from the good people over at LMFAO extracts that sits somewhere in between shatter and live resin in terms of consistency / appearance and tastes like nothing you’ve quite experienced before…

It can be best described as a very identifiable quality novelty flavor such as Strawberry Cream on the way in followed up by the amazing natural extracted cannabis terpene profile on the way out! What you are left with is the lingering sensation of both flavor profiles as they begin to combine at the back of your tongue…

Hold on tight because LMFAO taffy is no laughing matter this stuff packs some serious punch! Not recommended for the timid or faint of heart, please use responsibly!

LMFAOtaffy comes in three amazing flavor profiles…

BlueBerry LMFAO taffy
Kapn’ Kronic LMFAO taffy
Strawberry Cream LMFAO taffy

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Strawberry Cream, BlueBerry, Kapn' Kronic


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