Nuclear Wreck

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Nuclear wreck strain is an extremely rare sativa dominant hybrid with genetics originating from Vancouver Island’s nuclear strain which is a sativa dominant cross of the genetics of burmese and world famous Texada timewarp.

nuclear wreckNuclear wreck combines the mind numbing power of Nuclear with the hard hitting legendary trainwreck strain.

Nuclear wreck buds are dense and covered in sticky trichomes that exude a rather sweet flavor and aroma that has spicy undertones hiding deep within it’s smooth tasting smoke, giving it a rather enjoyable twist that can sometimes be a bit hard to put your finger on. Her fast-acting and long-lasting Sativa dominant effects are very euphoric and visually stimulating at the beginning, before eventually molding into more of a mentally stimulating and meditative high that only has a slightly relaxing body stone that helps to melt away any minor aches and pains as your feet are effortlessly lifted off the ground.

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