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How Do You Trim Cannabis?

Learn How To Trim Cannabis at 420Sixty.com! At 420sixty we cover the basics of wet trimming, dry trimming and the best way to trim cannabis.

Harvesting time has come! For many people who grow cannabis at the comfort of their home, one of the essential parts of the growing is trimming. While many people neglect that trimming plays a considerable role in cannabis development and general freshness and quality of it. But, trimming isn’t just taking regular scissors and cutting […]

Cannabis And Better Sex: Fact Or Fiction

Cannabis And Better Sex: Fact Or Fiction Cannabis and sex appear to be complementary according to a percentage of cannabis consumers. There isn’t enough scientific proof to simply claim that cannabis boosts stamina and sexual desire. On the other hand, limited research does support the theory that marijuana causes higher sexual abilities and greater sexual […]

Cannabis Edibles and Marijuana Myths

Cannabis Edibles and Marijuana Myths Many myths surround the consumption of cannabis and cannabis edibles. However, not all of them apply to fit and healthy marijuana users. Here are a few myths you can safely ignore if you’re in good shape and regularly hit the gym. 1. Cannabis Munchies Ruin Your Diet Studies show that […]