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Moroccan Hash: The origins and evolution

Moroccan Hash in Canada has become the new go to for old school hash smokers. In this article we dig deeper into the evolution and origins of Moroccan hash. Moroccan hash is often considered an ancient, traditional product by many Europeans. The truth is that hashish culture in Moroccois relatively young, especially when compared to traditional […]

How to Make Bubble Hash

Bubble hash refers to collecting hash from your weed by submerging the weed in ice-cold water and agitating it. Learn how or get some at 420sixty.com

It’s so easy to make bubble hash at home that there’s almost no reason not to give it a try. Of course, the investment is a lot of weed, but it’s next to impossible to screw up. This video is a step by step instructional on making your own, high-quality hash right in your kitchen. […]